April 15  2020

New Aframax tanker order

Lundquist Shipping Company Limited, an associated company for both Ångfartyg Aktiebolaget Alfa as Rederiaktiebolaget Hildegaard, has today signed a shipbuilding contract for the delivery of an aframax tanker of about 112,000 deadweight tons with Sumitomo Heavy Industries in Japan.

The vessel which is expected to be financed with own funds, is to be delivered in January 2022.


February 10 2019

Delivery and naming ceremony of  Alfa Finlandia

Last Thursday Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd delivered a new built Aframax tanker, the 7th within 4,5 year to the Lundqvist group, to Shinobu Shipping Company Limited, a subsidary of Ångfartygs Aktiebolaget Alfa.
Directly after the delivery the vessel was given the name Alfa Finlandia by Rani Chauhan, wife of the Indian commander Ajay Chauhan. On February 8th 2019 the vessel sailed towards Singapore for lifting cargo enroute to Europe.


November 2  2018

Motortanker Lancing delivered

Early this morning Mitsubishi Corporation delivered the Aframax tanker Lancing, built by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, to North Sea Shuttle Company Limited, a subsidary to Rederiaktiebolaget Hildegaard.
At the delivery ceremony the ship owner was represented by the technical manager Mr. Marcus Lindfors which in turn handed over to captain Lee Yong Chul and his Korean officers and Indonesian crew.
M.T. Lancing is the sixth sister vessel which is delivered to the Lundqvist group since the Estrella was delivered in October 2014.

The last vessel in this new building program is scheduled to be delivered from Sumitomo in the beginning of February next year.


August 18  2018

Double name giving ceremonies and deliveries in Yokosuka, Japan

Last Thursday the fifth sister vessel was delivered to Lundquist Shipping Company Limited, an associated company to Angfartygs Aktiebolaget Alfa and Rederiaktiebolaget Hildegaard, from Sumitomo ship yard in Japan.

In connection with the delivery there was a name giving ceremony where the vessel was given the name SWORD by Mrs. Sirkka Wegelius, spouse to board member Fred Wegelius.

On the same occasion the sixth sister vessel, ordered by North Sea Shuttle Company, a subsidary to Rederiaktiebolaget Hildegaard, was given the name LANCING by Mrs. Kati Eriksson, spouse to board member Kenneth Eriksson.

Sword and Lancing are names that earlier have been used on successful tankers in Lundqvist Rederierna’s fleet.

Sword is now on her way to Sikka in India where she will load her first cargo of gas oil for delivery in Europe.
Lancing is expected to be delivered in the beginning of November this year and she as well is already fixed for her first voyage from Asia to Europe.
After the delivery of Lancing there will further follow a tanker vessel which will be somewhat bigger than the first six sisters. This vessel will be ready for delivery in the beginning of February next year.

Sword and Lancings main particulars are as follows:

Length : 228,60 meter
Beam : 42,00 meter
Draught : 14,62 meter
DWT : 104.026,9
Gross tonnage : 57.164
Speed : 15,2 knop
Engine power : 10.830 kW


February 6  2017

Lundqvistrederierna order their 7th Aframax tanker vessel from Japan.

Shinobu Shipping Company Limited has today signed a shipbuilding contract with Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.

Vessel is to be delivered in 2019 and will be built according to ship yard’s latest design called EVA2.

Over and above the four already delivered vessels, of which the last one was delivered in May 2016, the Lundqvists have from before 2 sister vessels ordered with expected delivery during 2018.

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